New Edition of A Family is a Family is a Family

A Family is a Family is a Family is going into its SIXTH printing!

It makes me giddy to think of all those copies out in the world finding readers who might be looking for just such a book.

When the time came to write a dedication for A Family is a Family is a Family, I realised I wasn't sure who it was for. Or rather, it was intended mainly for children I might not actually know. And so the original dedication went out to the grandchildren I hope to meet one day. But as the book went out and found its way in the world I came to feel that I had also written it because it matters to me that what I do matters to my children. And so I asked Groundwood if as a special favour to me we could update the dedication as the book went back to the printer. Which is why it now says this.

A few links:

Groundwood has put together an educator's guide for the book. You can find it here.

The classroom poster is available for a printable download here. Plus a post on the Groundwood blog where I talk about my first classroom.

My interview with CBC about the book

Library copies searchable at WorldCat

Buy from Groundwood: hardcover or eBook 

Or from any of these folks:

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Amazon  Amazon Canada  Chapters Indigo  Barnes and Noble

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