If you want your children to be bright...

I recently spotted Laini's Ladies on StyleFeeder and was quite smitten.  I think this one is my favourite....

I particularly like the choice of text, which you can read more clearly in this image:

If you want your children to be bright, read them fairy tales. 
If you want them to be brilliant, read them even more fairy tales.
Albert Einstein

You can visit Laini Taylor at her blog, where you can also read about her forthcoming YA novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone.


The Penguin Diaries

At this time of year, all manner of things come into the house that have been in a teacher's folder or at the bottom of a locker for who knows how long.

Here's one of the items I was quite happy to see:

Diary of a Penguin 
August 30
Today Mom ate dinner and then fed it to us.  I’m worried about school tomorrow.  I might get mocked because I have no lips.
 September 6
Great news!  No penguins have lips.
 September 7
 Today I got teased by a puffin who said I couldn’t fly.  Tomorrow I’ll show him.
 September 8
 I hate that puffin!
 October 3
 Today the cafeteria ran out of regurgitated food, so I just got fish.  I’m glad I did that.
 October 4
 It was Saturday today and I told my mom I wasn’t hungry.  Then I jumped in the water and got some fish.  They swim slow.


Andersens and Papercutting

This, the most beautiful of book trailers, was produced by animation studio Andersen M. for the New Zealand Book Council and promotes New Zealand writer Maurice Gee's 1993 novel Going West.

And here is another, slightly spookier trailer done by Andersen M. Studio for Kate Morton's forthcoming novel The Distant Hours.

As for what this has to do with children's literature?  
Well, on this site for the Odense City Museums,  you can view the paper cutting talents of another Andersen: Hans Christian.  You can read about them here in an article by Andersen biographer Jens Andersen.



Very nice day spent sitting at the booth for St. Martins Booktown at the St. Martins Showcase.  Thanks to Jackie Bartlett for the invite.

Thanks also to my younger son for keeping me company and for making himself a sign that said OFFICIAL SON OF WRITER.