Grim Times

                                         image property of Julie Morstad
News from The Bologna Children's Book Fair is that one of this year's hot properties is re-telling of fairy tales.

I see that Philip Pullman is already onto this, and of course we have the "new" Grimm's Tales to look forward to, but I have decided what I would really like is a collection of Stephany Aulenback's subversively satirical Grim Stories ... maybe with some illos by my favourite illustrator, Julie Morstad.

Here's a little teaser:
Once upon a time a woman had two daughters — one beautiful and hardworking, the other ugly and lazy. Inexplicably, the woman loved her ugly and lazy daughter more. I really like this woman.


This Moose

A little reminder that there are always things to look forward to!  Sneak peek of Oliver Jeffers' new book.

Looks very Canadian, eh?


I Saw You

There's a bizarre little story in the NY Times about a special education teacher who was arrested by a plainclothes police officer while in the process of stealing one of Sophie Blackall's highly covetable "Missed Connections" posters, commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  It's a scenario worthy of its own Missed Connections drawing.

What the poor sap must not have known is that you can buy your very own copy of the poster here.
Also, while I have your attention, could you please go and have a peek at the wondrous Blackall's web page - I swear that her self-portrait cheers me like nothing else.


Here is the short list for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize (via
 Quill & Quire)


Kidlit Rules!

This is nice.  I'm a big Ashley Spires fan, but I'm also just happy to see childrens' books making the front page.

Look forward to hearing Kyo Maclear on not writing down to kids.

Also, in today's Globe an article by Jeet Heer titled "It's all kidlit now, and that's just fine."

Fine with me too.