Bless the Bookstores

I'm trying to gather a list of places selling the new book in order to make it ludicrously easy for people to buy it.  Ha!  It's shameless but I will add listings here as I find them (and welcome any and all suggestions).

I was inordinately pleased to find the book up at Buy Olympia - partly because you are always in such nice company there and partly because they do such a great job of presentation.   (Also they do ship world wide.)

One of my other very favourite bookstores in all the world is Kidsbooks in Vancouver.  I had a lovely visit with them when I was last there and am very happy to see them stocking the new book as well.

* And bless the bookbuyers as well!  The comment from anonymous (below) made my day!


Marie Antoinette's Dulcimer Player

While I haven't yet seen the film Hugo, I loved the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  
I've been thinking about the book again lately as we've been doing a little search for automata and happened upon this amazing one.  It was damaged in the French Revolution and later repaired by Jean-Robert Houdin: magician, clockmaker and the fellow who gave Ehrich Weiss the idea for the stage name Houdini.

Brian Selnick talks about automata here and recommends this book, Edison’s Eve: A Magical Quest for Mechanical Life by Gaby Wood.  Will be looking for that one.