Bless the Bookstores

I'm trying to gather a list of places selling the new book in order to make it ludicrously easy for people to buy it.  Ha!  It's shameless but I will add listings here as I find them (and welcome any and all suggestions).

I was inordinately pleased to find the book up at Buy Olympia - partly because you are always in such nice company there and partly because they do such a great job of presentation.   (Also they do ship world wide.)

One of my other very favourite bookstores in all the world is Kidsbooks in Vancouver.  I had a lovely visit with them when I was last there and am very happy to see them stocking the new book as well.

* And bless the bookbuyers as well!  The comment from anonymous (below) made my day!


Holly said…
I saw "When I Was Small" in Kidsbooks today! We're looking forward to giving our signed copy to our small daughter on Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the link to Buyolympia. I purchased the book from them as soon as I read your post and received the book yesterday. Julie Morstad's illustrations are just a delight!

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