Classroom Poster

The very nice people over at Groundwood Books have made a downloadable classroom poster for A Family Is a Family Is A Family.  Link HERE

The thing I really love about this image was that it was only after seeing Qin Leng's art that I realised that (of course) a classroom is another sort of family. Sending love out to to all the teachers and school librarians heading back to work!
And so long as I'm here, let me just say how proud I am to be published by Groundwood Books and Sheila Barry. Read about their fantastic diversity mandate here.


This Is Sadie (only smaller)

Really, really, really thrilled that This Is Sadie is being given a board book edition.

This picture gives a rough approximation of what the board book size will be and its beauty relative to the original.

Brilliant Julie Morstad art and Kelly Hill design on that cover.

The book pubs March 6, 2018 and will cost roughly half what the hardcover does which means you can give it to twice as many children, right?

Book available for preorder now.

Tundra Books
March 6, 2018