Pride and Prejudice and Moby Dick Cozified

Getting excited about these Cozy Classics board books from Holman and Jack Wang.  Coming very soon!

And the latest news is that there are several more Cozy Classics currently in the works.  From their website:

Cozy Classics is pleased to announce its next two titles in the series: Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and and Leo Tolstoy’s War and PeaceLes Misérables will debut in early spring 2013, while War and Peace will be released in summer 2013.
And just look how lovely!


A Small Hallowe'en Character

How darling is this wee dote?  His name is Clem and his mother Vania who blogs here dressed him up as Henry (complete with a thimble hat)  from When You Were Small for a previous Hallowe'en.  I was thinking today how this was pretty much a high point for me career-wise.

Was also thinking that I would love to see any other children dressed as either Henry or Dot and that I would be sorely tempted to give away some books if anyone rose to this challenge and sent me pictures.

Also, look at these amazing children dressed as movie characters for Hallowe'en.  Via Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely.


Plasticene Times Two

I saw this beautiful illo for Barbara Reid's GG nominated Picture a Tree at The Art of the Picture Book Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  It was even lovelier in person.

I'm a big Barbara Reid fan and blogged about her earlier here.   I also blogged about my son's attempt at claymation there and am re-posting now because his YouTube channel is tantalising close to reaching 100,000 views.  So, if you have a moment....