Children's Writer of the Week: Arthur Slade

So it's a big week for Hunchback fans.  The fourth book in Arthur Slade's Hunchback Assignments series comes out on July 17th here in Canada.   And it also happens to be Slade's birthday this week.  And if you leave a birthday wish in the comments here you will be entered to win a copy of the new book (for Canadian mailing addresses only).  Learn more about the book here or check out the special features on the Hunchback Assignments website.

Here's a little Q & A which Arthur Slade was kind enough to complete.  Also a picture of him as a nattily dressed youngster.

1) What surprised you most about your most recently published book?
Hmm. Island of Doom is the last book of a 4 book series. So I think I was surprised at how sad I was to see the characters go. I didn't think I'd be that sad...after all they'd been making me work hard the last four years...but now that their story is done, I miss them nattering at me! At least, I think their story is done.

2) What was the hardest thing about writing it?
Tying up the loose ends properly. And deciding which loose ends needed to stay loose.

A very young Arthur Slade
3) What are you working on now?
A dark, fantastical novel set in Hollywood during the 1920's. It's partly about the transition from silent to sound in films, and partly about childhood and partly about...scaring the pants off people. Or at least their socks.

4) How do you feel about being called a children’s writer?
I love it. I feel absolutely at home in this industry. Am not looking forward to growing up.

5) Is there a book you most wish you'd written yourself?
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

6) When (or where) do you write?
I'm an odd duck. I do all my writing in my basement office on a treadmill desk. Yep, I write and walk at the same time. I highly recommend it.

7) Who do you write for?
The thirteen year old reader inside of me.

8) Did you want to be a writer when you were a child? I knew I wanted to do something creative. I was aiming at being a movie director or a comic book artist. It wasn't until I was 16 that it became clear that being a writer is what I was meant to do.

9) If you could live in a book, which book would it be?
The Lord of the Rings. But just at the end after all the fighting is done and they go sailing away...

10) What is the question you would most like to be asked?
Is it okay if I give you a $1,000,000 for your idea? The answer is yes.

And here's a video of Art attempting to convert more of us to the use of the treadmill desk.  I'm almost convinced.


Annette said…
Happy Birthday to Art. I love the comment about tying up loose ends and being sad about saying goodbye to characters.
Annette said…
BTW, in my previous comment I neglected to say, I am a Canadian. I'm proud of Arthur Slade's success and he works very hard to entertain not just children but adults as well.
Lindsey said…
Happy birthday to a fine Canadian author!
Helen K said…
In the words of Bob Dylan:

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of change shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song be always sung
May you stay forever young

Just like your writing: youthful, rich, and valued.

Happy birthday!
Shelley Banks said…
Happy Birthday, Art! (Love the tie.)
(Yes, in Canada)
Nic said…
Happy Birthday to a great author!
Karyn Good said…
Happy Birthday!!! Love your books!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday! Have a great year :)
Christie (yes, again)

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