Step One

Could anyone lend us a penguin?

From a great feature on The Guardian.


Anonymous said…
so glad i found your blog! i happened upon where you came from, and singing away the dark, and we found when you were small at the library and we've been reading them every day for the last week. i must have a thing for children's illustrations, probably because i'm a terrible artist, but i am a writer and i can usually come up with the images in my head and i just lack the hands to make them appear.

your work is beautiful. we love it so much. i'm going to do a post on my own blog this morning about it.
Sara O'Leary said…
Hi Chelsea ~ I'm very, very lucky to work with an illustrator as talented as Julie Morstand ... she draws the way that I would if I could!
Anonymous said…
right? i wish i could draw like that. i wish i could find someone who would draw the way i would if i could.

so the peek of when i was small, is that to come soon??
Sara O'Leary said…
Hi Chelsea - I think a peak of the new book is an excellent idea ... will keep you posted. And thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful blog post.

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