Oh, You Beautiful Dolls

Of all the many things I currently covet, at the top of the list is a doll version of little Henry as drawn by Julie Morstad.   I picture carrying him around peeking out of a shirt pocket and this makes me very, very happy.  
I've looked a few times at sites of people who do custom made-to-order dolls, and just today I stumbled on the Etsy site of Jo Anne Lauder whose Prairie Girl's Passion dolls are so lovely that I would like to write them their own little book!

                                      (image property Jo Anne Lauder)


Anonymous said…
The seashell girls - April and May - would love to have their own story!
Janice said…
and speaking of dolls, you might like http://www.pezziunici.com
Elena and Simona work in a tiny workshop in Florence where they make custom portrait dolls alongside their own creations. And a few very special pinocchios too.
ztevefish said…
They are lovely. Thanks for the link.

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