Boy and Penguin Are Friends

I very seldom think of picture books in terms of topics, as in "I need a book to explain to my child about first day of school/losing a tooth/getting a baby brother/having two moms or three dads or whatever."  But today I was thinking about picture books about friendship.
And here's the reason why:

We got this book today and we've already said "aw" three times.
Up and Down continues the story from the wonderful, wondrous Lost and Found which I've spoken of before here, but let me just say that if you're buying this book for yourself or someone you love, you're going to want to buy Lost and Found as well.  We're big Oliver Jeffers fans in these parts and if you are too, you might want to seek out his page on Facebook.
I love how Jeffers is able to navigate the tricky territory of friendship without getting sickly sweet but still managing to hit on something you feel in the deep heart's core (as Uncle Willie would say.)


Jorgelina said…
My newphew loooooved "How to catch a star" and "Lost and found", looking forward to getting this one for him too!
m said…
I picked this up on the weekend. Haven't read it yet as it'll be from St. Nicholas on the 6th. I'm so excited, though. Will it make me cry?
Sara O'Leary said…
Sorry, M. Took me awhile to get caught up here. Will it make you cry? I'm guessing yes.
And Jorgelina, you have a lucky nephew to have such a clever book-buying aunt.

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