In A Darkling Wood

Shadow puppets!  Did that get your attention?

Over at the Simply Read blog, you can find a fun activity tied to the release date of this simply beautiful book, Singing Away the Dark by Caroline Woodward with illos by the lovely Julie Morstad.  (Caroline may well be lovely too, but I've never met her.  Let's just assume that she is.)

Here's the book...

And here's a little inside peek that I snagged from We Heart Books.

Mittens on strings!

Seeing your breath on a crisply cold day!  Almost makes me nostalgic for my Saskatchewan childhood.


Adrienne said…
Yes, Carolline is very lovely. I can vouch for her loveliness! And she's a lighthouse keeper, too. How cool is that?
Janice said…
cloakrooms, winter vapour. I'm almost getting nostalgic for my Saskatchewan childhood too!

Always—lovely—to read 123.

Thanks Sara,


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