In Sam Leith's review of the new Roald Dahl biography over at the Spectator, we find quoted the following interesting albeit slightly wonky analogy:
Up to now, a whole lot of grown-ups have written reviews, but none of them have really known what they are talking about because a grown-up talking about a children’s book is like a man talking about a woman’s hat.
I appreciate the sentiment here - children know what children like - but he loses me with men and hats, particularly as I feel that Philip Treacy, say, could discuss women's hats at far greater lengths than I am capable of.

                              Horse in a Philip Treacy hat, The Guardian 

The book is Storyteller: The Life of Roald Dahl and it's by Donald Sturrock.  Part of me wants to read it and part of me feels I've read so much about Dahl lately here and there that maybe I don't even need to read it.


Steph said…
Yes and while most adults were once children (there is always the freakish miniature adult to take into account), most men have never been women. The default sex of a fetus aside...

And I have very little to say about hats except for that one: Oh MY.

I wonder if the horse is a man horse or a woman one?

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