March Break Books

Will be on CBC Radio Noon here in Montreal today to talk with Sue Smith about recommendations for children's books.  Here's the list I'm taking in with me:

Beautiful Little Books for Little People  This is the fourth book in the series which features Windy and his friends in a series of adventures.  The illustrations are done with photo tableaux and there is always great supplemental material like crafts & recipes included.
The Windy Series
By Robin Mitchell-Cranfield & Judith Steedman 
Simply Read Books

Something Comic  Montreal's own Drawn & Quarterly has undertaken to publish all of the cult classic Moomin strips.  The fifth volume will appear this summer.
Moomin Book Four: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip
By Tove Jannson
Drawn & Quarterly 

Clever and Crafty Girls  This is terribly well-written coming of age with crafts and I'm sure you know a girl this would appeal to.  There is also a blog by the main character 
Coach House Books

For Those Who Like to Listen   The Gideon Trilogy is a wonderful time travel trilogy with equal appeal for male and female readers.  You can listen to a sample by clicking the link below.
The Gideon Trilogy
Audio Collection
By Linda Buckley-Archer
Simon & Schuster

The Original Story  There are so many editions of Alice - here is a nice, cheap edition for teen readers.  Even has a cool cover.  With the new movie hitting screens this week, it's good to go back to the original story.

By Lewis Carroll
Random House


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