Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Note: As you can see, I've misquoted the book in my title up there. It should be "let the wild rumpus start!" but for years I have mis-read it the other way. I want that extra syllable in there and the extra ring of formality in the language. With apologies to Mr. Sendak ... it just feels right. I just realised last night that I'd posted it this way when my son, reading me a bed time story, changed the word extraordinary to extraordinarily because it scanned better. Anybody else out there do this?


m said...

Can't. Wait.

victoria thorne said...

let the wild rumphus start, begin, do whatever it wants to....I just want to be there!

this is fabulous. can't wait, either!

Anne said...

I always say begin, too. It scans a lot better that way.

But what really scans well are YOUR books: one of each hiding way up high till Easter for my girls; one of each off to Seattle for my nephews. SO PRETTY so beautifully written. Brava.

O'LEARY said...

Thanks so much, Anne. And I haven't forgotten that I promised you postcards. I haven't sent them yet, but I haven't forgotten!