Black Knight

You can buy this charming little fellow on a site called ThinkGeek which I popped in to visit because they are giving away a chainlink t-shirt in a contest. In case, you don't recognize this Pythonesque toy, perhaps this will help ....

This is hugely entertaining to me as I was being regaled by Black Knight imitations on the chilly walk to school this morning.

Looking around the ThinkGeek site I'm thinking it could be one-stop shopping for the coming season.


Victoria Thorne said...

this is too wonderful...thanks...perfect gift idea, will be a huge hit

O'Leary said...

Hi Victoria - Have just added your beautiful blog (artbookschildren) to my blogroll and look forward to the leisure to have a good browse round.

And isn't that black knight gorgeous in a "we'll call it a draw" kind of way?