When You Were Small Doll

My darling son has grown tired of waiting for someone to make a Henry doll to go with my books and has made one of his own.

Here he is in his little thimble hat.


So cute! What a lovely guy your son is! Reminds me of the dolls that my great grandmother made from spools of thread with buttons for hats. My mum still has them - they are divine.
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet. I love it!

Sarah, I know that you're a Eudora Welty fan, and you HAVE to go to Jackson, Miss., to see her house. I was just there, and it's WONDERFUL.
Sara O'Leary said…
Hi Katie - You should take some pictures of your button-hatted dolls. What a lovely thing to have, although yes, my home-made Henry doll made by my dearheart son is pretty hard to beat.
Sara O'Leary said…
Susan - One of these days I'll hit the road and do a tour of writer's houses. The one I've always coveted most is Robinson Jeffers's stone tower (http://www.torhouse.org/)

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