Since it's a Wednesday, I would like to announce a new prize.

This prize is called My Favourite Person That I Don't Yet Know. And the winner is Amy Krouse Rosenthal, author of two of our household picture book faves: Little Hoot and Little Pea.

I have just been having a browse around on Amy Krouse Rosenthal's fabulous blog. There is so much here to get excited about. But I'll start with:

1. The sounds of motherhood

2. A nodcast

3. A short video narrated by one of her offspring.

Oh look, and there's a contest too:


Submission categories include: Music of all kinds / Bands/ Singer-Songwriters / Videos / Short films / Animation / Paintings / Drawings / Art / Illustration / True stories / Made-up stories / Poems/ Lists / Monologues / Plays / Dance / Inventions / Crafts / Photographs / Cell phone snapshots / Architecture / Design / Culinary creations / Journal pages / Collage / Sand castles / Everything

Please know that we are VERY open to all kinds of uncategorizable creations. As stated in the film,“Whatever it is you’re making, if it’s lovely, send it to us.”

Please submit whatever it is you’re sending via YouTube, email, or other electronic medium for review. If your piece is selected, we’ll ask you to submit the original, hi-res version (e.g. tape, large photograph, hi-res audio file, etc.) so please make sure to keep the originals of whatever you’re sending so we can have access to it if it is selected. Email is missamykr@yahoo.com PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, AGE, AND COUNTRY. You may also send through standard mail: Amy Krouse Rosenthal, 222 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60601

HUGELY IMPORTANT: You must take a look at this Creative Commons Attribution License. If your creation is chosen, this is the agreement we will refer to. It simply protects YOU and keeps things straight between us, ok?

Don’t worry if your creation/submission isn’t in a visual or film-friendly format. It will be our challenge and joy to find a way to bring it to life on the big screen.

About compensation: As we do not know enough yet about where this project is going, making any sort of monetary offerings or promises seems unwise and premature. This is a big whopping experiment, and we are just going with it. That said, if there is money to be made down the road, we would feel it only right to compensate the contributors in some way as a good faith gesture. For now, what we CAN promise you is this: All contributors will be credited fully and openly (with associated website/contact information when applicable) both in the final movie and on The Beckoning of Lovely website. Contributors would be flown in for the premiere and cast party. We would do everything we can to make this a rewarding, beneficial and super fun experience for you. Bottom line about this “collaboration with the universe”– it is our mission and intention to find the most lovely stuff floating out there, and if you are the creator/maker of it, we want the world to know about it and you.

LASTLY, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE AN “AMBASSADOR OF LOVELY” AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS PROJECT, email missamykr@yahoo.com. We’ll happily get you set up in no time.

Oh, yes, I do want to be an Ambassador of Lovely!

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kittenpie said...

I ADORE her book Cookies. It has a subtitle something like "Bite-Size Life Lessons" and is both clever and beautiful, with Jane Dyer illustrations.