Do You Know Green Knowe?

I didn't know Green Knowe, but now I'm intrigued.

I wandered over to There's Always Time for A Book the other day, although I forget whose door I passed through to get there. And there I read about a visit to the Manor at Hemingford Grey which was the inspiration for the Green Knowe series of books by Lucy M. Boston.

The house looks heartbreakingly beautiful and I love the concept of the books - a little boy who befriends children who have lived in the house at other times in history.


Anonymous said…
You and I must be getting our links from the same place, as I just read about this, too.

I read the first book some years ago, and have then tried to get hold of more, with little success. Even wrote to the publishers here of a new edition, and got no reply. Good way of spreading books.

I was struck by the photo from the garden, because it looked exactly as I had imagined it. If I can find the time, I really must investigate getting hold of the other books, again.

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