Bay of Fundy

My pal Gwen Buchanan who has a great blog called Desideratum which is all about living in St. Martin's and making art and jewelry, pointed me in the direction of this blog called Bay of Fundy Blog. And there you can watch this amazing time-lapse video of the highest tides in the world:

Okay, so now you're probably asking what does this have to do with children's writing? Well, I've just (about) finished writing a YA novel set on the Bay of Fundy. I've been writing it with my son, Liam. It's called Malone Alone and the plot concerns a young boy whose parents move him from Vancouver to St. Martin's and then vanish.


Gwen Buchanan said…
Wow Sara, that's fantastic! Talent abounds in your family!!! So glad to have found your blog... Can't wait to see and read your new books!!!
Terri said…
Hi Sara - hey, great you popped on to my blog from dear Gwen's blog - gotta love the blogosphere!!
Neat about your YA book. Please let me know when it is published!! i'd love to do a review and promote it through my blog.
Take care,
Sara O'Leary said…
Thanks, Terri. Great stuff on your blog - makes us very homesick.
And Gwen, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

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