Pretty Little Things

While browsing around on Tiny Showcase I came across some beautiful images by Jen Corace ... and she is illustrating children's books. In fact her latest collaboration is just out. It's called Little Hoot and here's a pic I snagged from Jen's blog:

Jen Corace also illustrated Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Little Pea which was an absolutely adorable story of a wee fellow who didn't want to eat his candy. The new book riffs off the same concept by giving us the story of a little owl who doesn't want to stay up late.

I also found some lovely limited edition prints by Corace over at the fabulosa Mahar Dygoods site:

Watch for a review of Little Hoot here when I get my picture book round-up rounded up.


Lou said...

Sara, I love Little Hoot! I bought it for my little one, Ned, for Easter. Her illustrations are divine.
Also in regards to Henry books have you seen these picture books http://weheartbooks.com/2008/03/25/henry/
Looking forward to Where You Came From.

O'Leary said...

Thanks, Lou. I'd forgotten that you'd posted about Little Hoot - it's adorable, isn't it?
My son was trying to posit another volume in the series - what sort of creature or thing could want to go to school when his parents want him to stay home?

patricia said...

I've been coveting this gem for a while now, and your post (thank-you!) reminded me that I must get myself a copy. Which is what I did yesterday. Oh joy!