More Fairy Tales (for kids this time)

Well not so much for kids, but for the kids. While I was thinking about Fairy Tales, I took a quick jaunt over to the Endicott Studio which is full of all sorts of ways to lose an hour. But while you're there you can also lend a hand:

You support our children's charity every time you buy books recommended on the Endicott/JoMA site by following the book's link back to This tags you as an Endicott customer, and we receive a small percentage of the sale.

If we haven't got a link to the book, CD, or DVD that you want to purchase, you can still be an Endicott customer by entering Amazon through the link below. This nets a smaller percentage than the directly-linked books, but every bit helps and goes to a good cause. Please bookmark this page for all your Amazon purchases -- and help us to help kids in crisis.

If you visit their Kids page here, you'll find a nice list of books you may have not even realised you needed like Don't Tell the Grown-Ups: The Subversive Power of Children's Literature by Alison Lurie or Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins.


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