Another Kind of Award

Oh hey look, Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby is shortlisted for the CLA 2008 Young Adult Book Award. So are some books by some other nice folks but I haven't read theirs yet and I very much liked Susan's. Not that I'm playing favourites. But have you read Susan's book?

Another Kind of Cowboy is about two teenagers, both of whom are training to ride dressage. I had no idea what dressage is, but thanks to the book have gone so far as to watch videos of it on youtube. One of the things I liked best about Another Kind of Cowboy is that while one of the two main protaganists is gay, it's not a story about him being gay. He just is. If you see what I mean. Susan Juby is simply a master when it comes to capturing teen angst. And did I mention that she's funny too?


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