Trailer hitch

The idea of book trailers seems weirdly genre-bending. I was just explaining them to my seven year old as he came over to peer into my laptop, intrigued by the music from a Lemony Snicket trailer.

"They're short movies," I said. "About books. They're like an ad for the book."
"They're not like an ad," he said. "They are an ad."
He's right of course.

I was on the Harper Collins site looking for the trailer for Susan Juby's Another Kind of Cowboy. A friend is reading it to his daughter who is now laid up after a school ski trip. The friend reports that the book is excellent for reading aloud. I like the fact that the trailer for the Juby book actually has a trailer in it.

I'd like to watch more trailers, but basically I'm lazy. I'd like them all in one place for convenient browsing. A sort of trailer park, if you will. And I like the ones that have been uploaded to youtube so that I can embed them here. Like this one for Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now:

Any trailer recommendations?


Anonymous said…
The Lemonade War trailer is maybe one of the best low-budget do-it-yourself trailers I've ever seen. You can find it on The Lemonade War's website. I'm also fond of John Rocco's trailer for Moonpowder and the trailer for Flotsam is pretty good too.
Sheila said…
You can find pretty much any genre of book you can think of here-

They're becoming more and more popular.

Music videos are ads too. ;-)
Sara O'Leary said…
Okay, I'm off to look those up, thanks.
Flotsam was such a lovely book.

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