By the pricking of my thumbs ...

Something graphic this way comes.

The Guardian has a story about the graphic novel version of Macbeth here. (Noted at Bookninja). The article notes some interesting ways in which the two forms are suited:

What we have come to call the soliloquy is put to memorable, disturbing use in Macbeth, where the villainous protagonist is given some of the greatest exploratory verse in the English language. Most of Macbeth's great speeches are said to no one but himself. Here, they appropriately inhabit those thought bubbles that fans of tormented superheroes such as Spider-Man are used to.

This edition comes to us from Classical Comics (an oxymoron if there ever was one), but there were already graphic versions of some of Shakespeare's plays - for example King Lear through the Graphic Shakespeare Library and Hamlet through the Manga Shakespeare Library.


Have just heard from Karen Wenborn at Classical Comics and she seems lovely. Now I feel all bad about my snotty attitude - I blame my mother for bringing me up on real books and even taking me to see Albert Finney do Macbeth on the London stage when I was an insufferable teenager.
But as the mother of two boys I have to say, these Classical Comics look like a good bet. I see they've even got an edition of Frankenstein in the works. Wicked.


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