Pop goes the book

Have wasted half the morning trying to find a very funny cartoon I recall seeing in which J.K. Rowling decides she will become a pop star. It's in answer to all the pop stars becoming children's writers.

And now it's not just pop stars, but pop star's ex-wives, as Heather Mills has announced that she wants to write children's books. (For a good laugh, check out Steph's commentary on Heather's sartorial stylings over at Crooked House.)

I'm a little tired of this whole attitude that writing children's books is dead easy. What can we expect to see in the catalogues next: I Don't Wanna Go to Preschool by Amy Winehouse?


kittenpie said…
Oh god yes. Add that to Madonna's awful offerings, Leno tragic text, Billy Crystal putrid picture books, and on and on. So few really get it.
Anonymous said…
Steph's commentary about Heather was a hoot, wasn't it? Gawd, that horrid, horrid woman...(Heather, of course – not the delightful Steph).

I am sadly not surprised if Ms. Mills enters into the children's lit world. She will already be in good company with Madonna, Ginger Spice and Katie Couric. Lord give me strength.

Oh, and I think this is the comic strip you were talking about. An illustrator friend of mine brought it to my attention. Bloody brilliant!

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