One Eudora's Beginnings

Miss Welty on how her parents instilled an early love of reading in her:

"I learned from the age of two or three that any room in our house, at any time of the day was there to read in, or to be read to. My mother read to me. She'd read to me in the big bedroom in the mornings, when we were in her rocker together, which ticked in rhythm as we rocked, as though we had a cricket accompanying the story. She'd read to me in the diningroom on winter afternoons in front of the coal fire, with our cuckoo clock ending the story with "Cuckoo," and at night when I'd got into my own bed. I must have given her no peace."

Love this:

"My mother read secondarily for information; she sank as a hedonist into novels. She read Dickens in the spirit in which she would have eloped with him."


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