Updating the blogroll

Was just browsing a blog called Wagging Tales whose subtitle: Talking animals discussing rhyming books in passive voices cracked me up. I don't think that's actually a subtitle, but what is it?

And there is also a lovely new blog from Laura Miller which talks about her new book The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia and a myriad of other fascinating things including H.P. Lovecraft's hometown. Her site includes a very good list of recommended reading for Narnia fans and an interesting little opinion piece on critics and emotion.

I tend to use the blog reader over at JacketFlap as a way of having a quick browse around and would recommend signing up to anyone who hasn't already done so.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, Sara! It made my day to see you post about Wagging Tales. B)

You were on my blog roll before it got eaten up, but you'll be back up soon.

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