A New Sadie

This is Sadie was published nearly three years ago now but is getting a new life thanks to this board book edition from Tundra Books. I couldn't be more pleased. Working on this book with Julie Morstad was an utter joy and the thing that really convinced me that picture books were where my heart lay.

This is Sadie
 in board book is available now via these booksellers:
U.S.  Indiebound   Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Powells 
Canada  Amazon.ca    McNally Robinson   Chapters Indigo
Also available through booksellers in Australia.


We love this book. Got it for my daughter last year. Her name is Sadie and this book perfectly describes her. It's almost like it's made for her. Definitely one of our favorites.
Sara O'Leary said…
Thanks so much. Always nice to hear about the real-life Sadies!
Unknown said…
This is sadie is my 19 month old sons favorite book. We read it no less than 20 times a day! I think his 2nd birthday party will be a "this is sadie" theme. I wish I was able to find a doll for him as I know he would love her. This is definitely our favorite book, thank you for writing it!
Sara O'Leary said…
Sorry I am just seeing this now, Jenna. Such a lovely thing to think of this book having a place in your son's life. And if you do have a themed party I would love to see pictures! You can find me on instagram as 123olearyo and if you are there too then please tag me. I was really happy about the board book edition as it does make the book a little more accessible to younger readers. And I am always, always happy to hear that Sadie is considered a boy book just as much as a girl book. Thank you!

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