Freedom To Think

Freedom To Think is an initiative that believes (as I do) that children thrive when allowed the luxury of boredom.

In This is Sadie, it is pretty easy to draw a direct line between boredom and creativity.

                                                                       art: Julie Morstad

Here's a little about the program from Freedom To Think founder, author Jonathan Stroud:
I believe that:
All kids can and should be creative.
They need time and space to achieve it.
Unscheduled time is creative time.
We can give them this.
Our Freedom to Think website will have a rolling programme of possibilities – but it’s up to the kids to do what they want with the time. Even if nothing tangible comes out of it, they’ve been let off the mental leash for an hour or two, and this very freedom will rejuvenate them.
I hope you will join us in the campaign to give free time back to children. I would love to hear what you think and see any photographs of your children’s creations or ideas. You can upload images or videos to this tumblr site, tweet them to @iamfree2think or email them to


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