Let's Make Some Great Art

I spotted this book on my young pal Ezra's desk the other day and wanted to share. 

I've just looked up Marion Deuchars and she has several books available from Laurence King. They all look like great fun and I'd highly recommend for either children who like to draw or those who may not be as naturally inclined. Let's Make Some Great Art reminded a little of a book my boys had when they were small by Quentin Blake called Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered (Klutz Books). We all loved it and it's a nice souvenir from earlier days.

You can see inside Let's Make Some Great Art here, do online activities here and see more of illustrator Marion Deuchars work here. I think I may need a copy of my own. And maybe one for my boys.


Sarah said…
My daughter (6) is working her way through the Quentin Blake book at the moment. It's so much fun watching her at work. This looks great too - thanks for the tip Sara!

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