Families, Literacy, and Family Literacy Day

It's Family Literacy Day and since it is a subject dear to my heart, I thought I would share a few links with you.
photo: Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
  • Kerry Clare's list of books for Family Literacy Day. Some beautiful books on this list but I'm especially fond of the work of Sheree Fitch. I've done school visits where Sheree has been a previous guest author and can testify to her being the hardest of acts to follow. (In one Q & A I was asked in the most reverent of tones: "Are you Sheree Fitch?" and I had to answer sadly in the negative.)
  • A little introduction to the works of literacy advocate extraordinaire Joan Bodger via Kathryn Kuitenebrouwer. (Read The Crack in the Teacup and How The Heather Looks in that order if you want your heart properly broken.)
  • A link to a previous post from here about Mother Goose and Joan Bodger, and an old article about the wonderful Mother Goose program from when I was writing for the Vancouver Sun. (Back in the days when my son asked me: why do you have your picture in the newspaper every week when you're not even famous?)
  • Something I wrote for Blog of Green Gables about getting boys reading.
The photo at right is from the first time I ever got my picture in the paper (just for hanging around the library as was my wont on a weekend). Some children were gathered up from the wonderful children's section at the Saskatoon Public Library to pose with former librarian Muriel Clancy. The photogenic boy on her lap is my younger brother. Many happy hours of my childhood can be credited to that library and all the doors it opened to me.


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