Mo's Mustache by Ben Clanton (Tundra Books) arrived the other day. Son reported it was the best thing anyone ever sent me in the mail ever. If you've got a young reader who is also of the "show me the funny" temperament you might want to seek out a copy (still time to buy before Movemeber rolls around again.)

This is a nice little story about individuality: Mo is a monster with a moustache. Everyone likes Mo's moustache. Suddenly everyone has a moustache just like Mo's and on it goes. It's kind of like a less creepy version of The Rainbow Fish.

For me the real joy in the book was in the details. When you take off the dust jacket (and as I recall small children LOVE to take off dust jackets) there's a nice little surprise on the inner cover.

Also, printed on the inside of the dustjacket is a poster giving tips on mustache maintenance.  (For those who like novel approaches to dustjackets see also Robin Mitchell Cranfield and Judith Steedman's Windy and Friends books.)

Highly recommend this one, although I'd like it just that little bit more if they'd gone with Canadian spelling on the title as Mo's Moustache would be more visually euphonious.  I also wished it had come with a moustache or two.  This would be a nice little promo item: a sheet of cardboard punch-out moustaches. But all in all this is a very stylish little addition to the library.  


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