How To Dress a Bookshop Window

Just look at the window that the fantastic Vancouver Kidsbooks has done for Julie Morstad's new book How To (Simply Read).  

Kidsbooks is one of the things I really miss about Vancouver.  We had some great times at events there when my firstborn was young and they did a beautiful window for When I Was Small.  Kidsbooks is precisely the kind of neighbourhood bookshop we all need and they do a brilliant job of handselling books.  

How To is getting great buzz right now. I think it's the best work Julie Morstad has done (although I am rather partial to her Henry books).   It's simply a beautiful book and once you see it you're going to want one for yourself and one for someone you love.  Trust me.

If you want to leave a comment telling me what you like about Julie Morstad's books I will enter your name to win a copyof How To from Simply Read Books and their Canadian distributor Raincoast books.  

UPDATE:  I've contacted one lucky reader for their address and they will be receiving a copy of How To in their mailbox one day soon.  Thanks all for playing.

How to share the joy.

FURTHER UPDATE:  I have since learned that Kathy Traeger is the name of the artist responsible for the design & dressing of that window.  You can see more of her work here


Lara said…
I enjoy the "ring of truth" to her illustrations, as well as the imaginative topics.
Caryn said…
I love Julie's color palettes. They are so fitting and captivating with every read-through.
Denise G said…
I love her color palettes as well.

ontariohappychick at gmail dot com
asherares said…
I love the realistic story lines. They appeal to both adults and children alike and make you want to become part of her books.
Judy W said…
Singing Away the Dark is one of my favourites - a great story for kids who are a little leery of the dark. Her beautiful illustrations make all her books a great read
Steph said…
Did the staff at Kidsbooks make those gorgeous decorations themselves?
danielle said…
Lovely post! I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

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