I haven't been posting much lately and while there's hardly been a clamour of frenzied fans wondering why, I thought I'd offer an explanation. 
     I always think it a little sad when bloggers apologize for the infrequency of their posts. It's not a job, I think. I've had jobs and this is different.  This I do when I feel like it.  And here I can talk about books by people I know without feeling I need to explain. I can talk about books that came out this week or twelve years ago. I can talk on and on and on, although I hardly ever do. (I've found I tend to be my verbose when I'm being paid by the word.)
     Anyway, here's my explanation: I've been doing other things.  Life is like that.
     One of the things I've been doing is working on a book with my young son.  We're having a great time doing it. I email him my latest from the other side of the room and can listen to him laughing to himself as he reads. Then he sends it back with improvements and additions and it makes for the most enjoyable form of conversation.

     I may post something from the book here soon, but in the meantime here's an animation made by my boy. His patience amazes me as the drawing and editing of this three minute clip took about twelve hours. And for six of those we were on an overnight train. It seems to me that someone with this level of dedication is a good person to write a book with.  
     Wish us luck!

(My favourite line: Forgot to buy a vorpal sword to face the jabberwock!)


Stephany A. said…
I can't wait to show Luke Euan's animation. He will love it. I am so impressed with Euan's creativity and dedication. He is amazing.

(And I was wondering where you were!)

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