Family Literacy,Welcome Baby, YA Writing, and a De-Gingered Anne Shirley

Things I've been meaning to tell you:

Family Literacy Day is this week.  I forget which day so let's just celebrate all week long.  Here's a nice poster from the talented Mélanie Watt to remind you.  There's also a nice list of recommended books from Canadian Children's Book Centre here.

There's a new book coming from the wonderful Barbara Reid.  It's called Welcome, Baby
and it looks like a perfect shower or baby gift. Go and see for yourself!

You can take an online YA writing class from Mariko Tamaki at U of T School of Continuing Studies.  Details here.

I'm a big fan of Skim which was written by Mariko and illustrated by her cousin Jillian Tamaki and has one of my all-time favourite covers.

And speaking of covers, who gave Anne Shirley this very ill-advised makeover?  Among other horrors, they have de-gingered her!


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