Briefly Noted: Bottled Hearts

Cozy Classics co-creators Jack and Holman Wang have been selected to participate in the illustrator's exhibition for the Bologna Children's Book Fair.  It's a huge honour and I'm very pleased for them and for our shared publisher, Simply Read Books.

Speaking of Simply Read, they are talking about doing an app for The Henry Books.  How cool would that be?  The app for Oliver Jeffers's book The Heart and Bottle was narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.  I'm just thinking about who my dream narrator might be.

I do love the Heart in a Bottle necklace by Oliver Jeffers for Digby and Iona.

Son is re-reading Stuart Little and explaining to me all the ways in which it is better than the movie - primarily its lack of a "mushy ending."  He also likes the implication that Stuart is on his way to Canada.  We disagree about which origin story is creepier, though.  He thinks it's odd of them to go out and adopt a mouse while I have always been mightily freaked out by the idea of accidentally birthing one.

I was interviewed by Chirp editor Katherine Dearlove about a story that ran in their Jan/Feb issue here.


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