Mister Got to Go

I have just added Mister Got to Go and Arnie
by Lois Simmie with illos by Cynthia Nugent
to Vancouver books on the 100-Mile Book Diet Map.

This map is the latest brainwave of 49th Shelf.

The book is a sequel to the wonderful Mister Got to Go: The Cat Who Wouldn't Leave and is being brought back into print this summer by Red Deer Press.

Both stories are set at Vancouver's beautiful Sylvia Hotel.

The books are great gifts for anyone who loves cats or dogs or the Sylvia Hotel or Vancouver or rain or beautiful pictures and charming stories.

Fingers crossed for a third book in the series.


Holly said…
We enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day brunch at the Sylvia Hotel this year and read Mister Got To Go in the lobby! They have photos of the cat who inspired the story as well as art from the book hanging in the hotel.
Sara O'Leary said…
Oh lucky you, Holly. What a perfect thing to do!

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