Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

Okay, so I never expected to be excited by a book published by Hallmark, but this one pushes all the right buttons, so to speak.

How lovely is it to be able to push the little Linus-face button and hear his "that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown" speech? *

This book was a gift to my little guy from his grandmother.  She scored big points with that one, but then hit it out of the park with her next gift:

Really, have you ever seen such a dear little tree?

* As a general rule I loathe books with sound chips, but this is an exception.  Will blog my all time favourite example later on ... and it's another Christmas book too!


Maroonie said…
We have that same sincere little tree—also a grandmother's gift. And Rachie spent a good half hour yesterday in the Hallmark store pressing all those buttons. The Hallmark store, I ask you.

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