826 reasons to buy

It's that ding-dingaling shopping time of the year again.  For those looking for suggestions, you might consider perusing the wares at the 826 National Store.

The shop is full of things you probably didn't even know you needed.

As well as gifts bound to be suitable for someone on your list.

And the proceeds go to one of the very best of causes.

What’s the 826 National Store?
No, really, what is it? We’re still pondering that ourselves, so if you figure it out please drop us an email. We think it has something to do with an online location where you can purchase products created by 826 National to support all of our wonderful chapters. From t-shirts and buttons to notebooks and stationery, we have 826-inspired goodies aplenty for your perusal. All proceeds support our eight writing and tutoring centers across the country.


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