11th Day, 11th Hour

Thinking more about Remembrance Day this year for a variety of reasons and because we are back in the Maritimes, my boys will be laying a wreath in honour of their great-grandfather,  a lovely man who I wish they could have known.

I received the following video from Linda Granfield, author of Remembering John McCrae: Soldier-Doctor-Poet.  McCrae was, of course, the author of "In Flanders Field."

Here's the info on the video:

"11th Day, 11th Hour" is a song that honours all who have served in the armed forces. The accompanying video pays tribute to those from Canada and the United Kingdom who served during the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, in peacekeeping efforts and now the war in Afghanistan.   Recently, the song has been arranged for a children's choir. It provides a companion piece to the song "In Flanders Fields," performed by many choirs around the world. "11th Day, 11 th Hour" was written by Saxon-Jaimes-Dooley and appeared (original version) on a 2001 CD called "The Poppy Disc." 

Pass it on.


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