Painting With Plasticine and a Little Green Man

What would childhood be without plasticine?  The substance was 
invented in the 1890s by art teacher William Harbutt.

I recently came across this 1958 newsreel clip of his daughter, Miss Olive Harbutt (80), who was a pioneer in the field of painting with plasticine.


Plasticine always makes me think of Barbara Reid (and how happy it would make my mother if I ever wrote a book which she illustrated). In this video, Reid demonstrates how to create artwork with plastiscine.

And finally, here's a video in which my son is having fun with plasticine.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Barbara Reid link - I've always admired her books and their unique look. I do believe, if I peek carefully into my daughter's room, that there is a plasticine mallard duck being composed as I type.

Margaret B.
So glad you have made a video on how you actually make your works, sure was fun watching, and you are so right there are so many ways to spread Plasticine.
Gonzalo A. Mariño

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