When You Were Free

In light of When You Were Small being out of stock at many online sites just at present, I have decided to offer a copy for the very reasonable price of FREE.

I will give away a (signed if you wish) copy of When You Were Small to someone who leaves a comment on this post: tell me about when you were small, tell me about what books your small person likes, or just tell me any small thing.

I'll let my favourite small person choose a number at random and will announce the winner here.


Brooke Reynolds said…
Hi Sara

Thank you for commenting on my blog.. it gave me a little thrill to see that you had posted a comment!

Has no one taken you up on your kind offer? My small people love this book and still stop and ask me out of the blue what they did when they were small (and I have to come up with something witty at a moment's notice).

Do you have any idea if you will be reprinting anytime soon? I had started buying When You Were Small for gifts, and am sad to see I can't find it anymore.
Kerry Clare said…
When I was small, I lived in the country and found the sound of farm auctioneers very perplexing. I could never understand what they were saying, or understand how anyone else understood.

This is notable because I gradually became enlightened about most things that had perplexed me as a child, but not this. When I hear the sound of a farm auctioneer (which, granted, is not very often), I am immediately taken back when I was small, when the whole wide world is a fascinatingly incomprehensible babble.
Holly said…
My small person currently likes "Where You Came From" (she's looking at the pictures on your website and recognizes them from the book), Winnie the Pooh, and anything by Richard Scarry.

One small thing I found recently was a tiny spiral shell on the floor of my yoga studio.
melissa said…
We love When You Were Small at our house!

I am currently expecting a very small baby (due sometime next month), and while I know we will indeed marvel at what a small person it is after the birth, right now it feels somewhat ENORMOUS.
Diane said…
My small person loves books. And I love giving her beautiful books, which yours is.
Sara O'Leary said…
I'm enjoying this and think I will let it run for a few days before closing comments.
Brooke, just read about your baby being in NICU ... have spent too much time in children's hospitals myself and know the utter joy of walking out that door with your child after the nights that you feared you never might. If you send me an address, I'd like to give you a copy of the baby book - Where You Came From. The new edition of WYWS is at the printers now (thanks for asking). When I know a date I will post it here.
Kerry, love the notion of that auctioneer voice blaring away - a bit like the adults from the old Peanuts cartoons (which we've been watching lately.)
Melissa, congratulations on your impending arrival. Diane, thank you. Compliments are always welcome!
Holly, that's lovely about the shell ... could you hear a tiny little sea inside?
Faye Henry said…
Hi Sara.. I love your books even though my small persons are all grown up.. Time has passed so quickly since I was a small person.
One day when I was one I was visiting my Gramp. There was a beautiful rainbow and he told me (as the Irish do) to quickly find the end of it and I would find a pot of gold.. After stumbling over ant hills and barbed wire fences I found my pot of gold..
It was a place where they put a pile of things like bottles and such. There I found several of my Gram's broken china cups!! I thought that I had truly found my treaure! The funny thing is that I still find myself looking for the same kind of treasures..
Brooke Reynolds said…
Hi Sara
Thanks for your kind comments.. Yes, we are thrilled to have our baby home from the NICU and I hope to never return!
You are sweet to want to send me a Where You Came From, but we already have one (and we love it, we've been reading it a lot since we had the baby.) Robin sent me a copy of it when she discovered my blog..
So glad to hear that When You Were Small is being reprinted.. it would be such a shame for it be out of print already!
Anonymous said…
Our current favourite to read with the small ones is _Instuctions_ by Neil Gaiman. It's simply wonderful. I wrote about it here: http://nathaliefoy.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/just-in-time-for-graduation-season/
I've embedded a video of Gaiman reading the whole book.
Sara O'Leary said…
Okay, small boy has thought very hard and said THREE without looking at the comments at all. So Holly, you're it! If you send your address to 123oleary at gmail.com then I will get this baby in the mail to you.
Brooke, glad to hear that all is well with you & the baby. Robin is a peach, isn't she?
Faye, Euan is very much enjoying his "small" find from your shop the other night. Thank you.
Nathalie, I agree about Instructions. But could also happily listen to Gaiman read practically anything. Have you watched the video of him reading The Graveyard Book? More for the medium-sized and up ones, but wonderful.
Thanks to all - that was fun. May have to do it again when the new book comes along.
Holly said…
I was thrilled to check this post today and discover that I had won! Your book will be much-loved in our home. Thank you!

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