The Penguin Diaries

At this time of year, all manner of things come into the house that have been in a teacher's folder or at the bottom of a locker for who knows how long.

Here's one of the items I was quite happy to see:

Diary of a Penguin 
August 30
Today Mom ate dinner and then fed it to us.  I’m worried about school tomorrow.  I might get mocked because I have no lips.
 September 6
Great news!  No penguins have lips.
 September 7
 Today I got teased by a puffin who said I couldn’t fly.  Tomorrow I’ll show him.
 September 8
 I hate that puffin!
 October 3
 Today the cafeteria ran out of regurgitated food, so I just got fish.  I’m glad I did that.
 October 4
 It was Saturday today and I told my mom I wasn’t hungry.  Then I jumped in the water and got some fish.  They swim slow.


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