Andersens and Papercutting

This, the most beautiful of book trailers, was produced by animation studio Andersen M. for the New Zealand Book Council and promotes New Zealand writer Maurice Gee's 1993 novel Going West.

And here is another, slightly spookier trailer done by Andersen M. Studio for Kate Morton's forthcoming novel The Distant Hours.

As for what this has to do with children's literature?  
Well, on this site for the Odense City Museums,  you can view the paper cutting talents of another Andersen: Hans Christian.  You can read about them here in an article by Andersen biographer Jens Andersen.


m said…
My boys are CRAZY for the NZ one. They watch it almost every day. Even my little two year old will request, er, demand 'BY TRAIN! BY TRAIN!'

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