A World Tour of Children's Bookshops

Over at We Heart Books, Katie and Lou are compiling a list of the world's greatest children's bookshops.  I've contributed a couple of suggestions to the comments list (Kidsbooks in Vancouver, Ella Minnow in Toronto and Benjamin's Books in Rothesay/Saint John).

I was going to say something about what nice window displays Kidsbooks always does and then I remembered that I had this photo from one in particular... (thanks, Janice!)

Stop by We Heart Books and take a look at their list and add your favourites to the comments.  I've already learnt about one I plan to visit next time I'm in Toronto: The Flying Dragon Bookshop.


Holly said…
I love the idea of a world tour of great children's bookstores. I'll have to refer to We Heart Books' list next time I travel!
Katie said…
Thanks Sara - love that window display!

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