Good blogger/bad blogger

I am a bad blogger.  Or what could be more kindly termed an indifferent blogger.  I only turn up when the fancy takes me and if I were being paid by the hour for this, then my family would be living on jam sandwiches.

But I do enjoy feeling like I am part of the kidlit blogosphere and I do have scads of admiration for bloggers who show up day in and day out.  Two that I feel worthy of particular mention are Ann Giles, who specializes in top-flight author interviews over at Bookwitch and Betsy Bird, Manhattan librarian and blogger extraordinaire at Fuse #8.  Bird is one of the more thorough and thoughtful reviewers out there - and I don't feel bound to limit that assessment to the field of children's writing that she specializes in.

It's been really interesting to watch the development of both these blogs over the past few years, and I was surprised to read in a recent Forbes article that Bird says that she only has time to blog four or five hours a night.

Four or five hours a night!  It's dedication like that that really puts me in my place.


Anonymous said…
Is that all? I try to sleep at night, but I'm still here playing with my baby laptop and I'm dead tired.

Thank you very much for those kind words, Sara. Around here we'd be pleased to live off jam sandwiches. We'll be eating book proofs soon.

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