Passing the Torch

When We Were Small
By Euan O’Leary

Henry is a boy who is always curious about his mother and father's past. One day Henry asked, “tell me what life was like when YOU were small.”

“Well,” said his father, “when we were small, everything was in black and white, including Dalmatians, which never got rid of the power so they could be red and green.”

“Oh, yes!” said his mother, “Now I remember! When we were small, we had to play dodge-chicken at school, for balls hadn’t been invented.”

“Right,” said his father, “NOW I remember! When we were small we couldn’t watch television. Instead we had to watch paintings. I must admit, the programs got a bit boring now and then.”

“AH!” said his mother, “How did I forget? When we were small we spent every night dreaming of something we never knew would be so good. And now we have it.” Said his mother looking down at Henry.

“When we were small,” said his father, “We lived in a county that was missing from the world. We still live there, but it's not missing since we had you.”

“And when we got big,” added his mother, “we were still small enough to make our parents happy as a fish in water.”


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