Young Adults

I have bought tickets to see Stephen Merritt's Coraline and I am very excited. Very, very excited. Almost insufferably excited, in fact. You can go here to see what Betsy Bird at Fuse #8 has to say about the show. I do like the idea of the child Coraline being played by an adult, I must say.

My older son has been on a bit of a Neil Gaiman kick lately. He went from The Graveyard Book straight to Neverwhere. He asked if I thought there might be a sequel to The Graveyard Book and I said I doubted it because Bod would be an adult. "I'd still read it," he said. It made me think about the way we generalise about YA - that young readers want to read "up" in terms of age, but not too far up. The most recent Tim Wynne-Jones novel, The Uninvited is an interesting example of something that is categorized as Young Adult but is actually about adults (albeit young ones). It's also about the incest taboo, although I've yet to see that mentioned in reviews.


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