Grimble excerpt here

The above note was as cryptic to me as it probably was to you. And then I clicked through and read it and Grimble is perfectly wonderful. And it's by Clement Freud, who died just lately, and Neil Gaiman blogged about it here and if I hadn't made this note I would have forgotten about my desperate need to find the Grimble books. And if someone could pretty please publish the unpublished ones then that would be a help.


Siobhan Laskey said…
I love the Grimble books. So few of our friends have ever heard of them. My mother would tape record herself reading books and then send the recording and the books to our children for presents. Many is the time we would discover one child or another under the dining room table - which they would cover with a blanket to make a "fort", or tucked into a closet for "peace and quiet", listening to their grandmother read to them as they followed along in their copy of the book. Grimble was a favourite - always wondered why none of them started making toast and delivering it door to door. Thanks for pulling the memory out of the corners of this old mind.
Sara O'Leary said…
What a nice story, Siobhan. Good grandmothering!

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